Parallel Session 4

09 Nov 2017
Mawar I, Mawar II, Lily II, Lily III

Parallel Session 4

Day 2: 9 November 2017
Parallel Session 4 (2.15 pm – 3.45 pm)

Mawar I
: Dr. Saraswathy Shamini

Time Paper Authors
2.15 pm – 2.30 pm Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture for Flood Data Management Azimah Abdul Ghapar; Salman Yussof; Asmidar Abu Bakar
2.30 pm  – 2.45 pm Using a Driving Simulator to Improve Driving Awareness in Stroke Survivors: A Pilot Study Robert Herne; Shri Rai; Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin; Hamid Laga; Michelle Byrnes
2.45 am – 3.00 pm Throughput Analysis on Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Technique to Mitigate Interference on LTE Heterogeneous Network Nurzati Iwani Othman; Ahmad Fadzil Ismail; Mohammad Kamrul Hasan; Khairayu Badron
3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Real Time Pitch Detection Game to Introduce Local Songs Mastuti Puspitasari; Mohamad Safrodin; Fahim Bagar
3.15 pm – 3.30  pm Study On Enhancing The Energy Efficiency Through Real-Time Smart Energy Management Systems For Achieving Green ICT Campus Alla Kesava Rao; Zainuddin Hassan; Soong Der Chen
3.30 pm –  3.45 pm Investigating the Factors that Influence the Efficiency of Using Robots As Social Skills Therapy for Children With Autism Saraswathy Shamini Gunasekaran; Moamin A Mahmoud

Lily III
Dr. Azmi M Yusof

Time Paper Authors
2.15 pm – 2.30 pm Integration of Learner’s Model into Learning Management System Environment Lim Ean Heng
2.30 pm  – 2.45 pm Effecting Factors of Knowledge Integration through Social Media in Small Medium Enterprises Environment Nur Ilyana Ismarau Tajuddin; Rusli Abdullah; Marzanah Abdul Jabar; Yusmadi Yah Jusoh
2.45 am – 3.00 pm Al-Quran Recitation Speech Signals Time Series Segmentation for Speaker Adaptation using Dynamic Time Warping Noraimi Shafie; Mohamad Zulkefli Adam; Hafiza Abas
3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Visualization Techniques of Flood-Related Data for Communication with the Public Nazrita Ibrahim; Salman Yussof; Sakinah Zainuddin
3.15 pm – 3.30  pm A Qualitative Analysis of Information Privacy Concerns among Healthcare Employees Fiza Abdul Rahim; Gopinath Muruti; Zuraini Ismail; Ganthan Narayana Samy
3.30 pm –  3.45 pm The Implementation Framework of Halal Supply Chain Management Systems Wan Azlan Wan Hassan; Raja Mohd Tariqi Raja Lope Ahmad; Suziyanti Marjudi, Dr; Azhar Hamid; Norziha Megat Mohd Zainuddin

Mawar II
: Dr. Suhaimi Ab Rahman

Time Paper Authors
2.15 pm – 2.30 pm A Systematic Literature Review of Software Help Systems Limitations Yousif Al-Raheem; Rosmah Ali; Nurulhuda Firdaus Mohd Azmi; Nor Zairah Ab. Rahim
2.30 pm  – 2.45 pm Cost-Aware Real-time Divisible Loads Scheduling in Cloud Computing Mimi Liza Abdul Majid; Suriayati Chuprat
2.45 am – 3.00 pm Middleware-based Model for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Web Service Rahmat Ilahi; Novia Indriaty Admodisastro; Norhayati Mohd Ali; Abu Bakar Sultan
3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Quality Evaluation of Volunteered Geographic Information Collected via Mobile Application Badariah Solemon; Nor Nashrah Azmi
3.15 pm – 3.30  pm The Designing of an English-Malay Translation Words in Web Documents (EMTrans) Using Mobile App Platform Suhaimi Rahman
3.30 pm –  3.45 pm SMART2L: Smart Water Level and Leakage Detection Haikal Hafiz Kadar; Mohd Ezanee Rusli; Sera Syarmila Sameon

Lily II
: Mr. Mutahir Mohamed Ariff

Time Paper Authors
2.15 pm – 2.30 pm Tool Path Optimization of a 3D Printer via an Enhanced Electromagnetism-Like Mechanism Algorithm for Solar Panel Brackets Fabrication Jian Ding Tan; Chin Wai Lim; Johnny Koh; Tiong Sieh Kiong
2.30 pm  – 2.45 pm New Normal and Abnormal Red Blood Cells Features for Improved Classification Jameela Alkrimi; Abdul Rahim Ahmad; Loay Edwar George; Azizah Suliman
2.45 am – 3.00 pm An Analysis of Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) of Software Products in the Year 2016 Salman Yussof; Afiq Bonandir
3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Measuring the Feasibility of Clustering Techniques on Usability Performance Data Kok Cheng Lim; Ali Selamat; Mohd Hazli Mohamed Zabil; Rose Alinda Alias; Fatimah Puteh; Farhan Mohamed
3.15 pm – 3.30  pm Issues, Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data Management in Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia Zulkefli Hanapiyah; Wan Noordiana Wan Hanafi; Salina Daud